LifeProof iPhone 6 POWER Case | Twice the Battery Life

Clark Stott - Monday, September 21, 2015

Is this the best iPhone 6 case ever?

How many times could you have done with this? Another whole battery charge to keep you moving!

The Fre Power case from LifeProof isn't just a battery case, it's still everything you would expect from LifeProof. It's waterproof, snow, shock and dust proof which is perfect for Australia, it's a true iPhone 6 case for all seasons and environments. It's would be just as happy in Perisher in winter as it would be in the Whitsunday's in summer and all year round at your favourite beach.

I haven't tested a better case for iPhone 6 yet, I think this might be it.

It does seem expensive on the surface but when you consider everything that it offers, it's a bit of bargain really. A standard LifeProof case is around $65-$75 so really you are paying about $6o extra for the battery technology, which is a full 2600mAh charge - and to most of us that's better translated to "another full charge" of your iPhone 6.

What are the drawbacks?

  • Weight: It's not the lightest case in the world as you would expect, it comes in at 123 grams - I've tried it and you do get used to it
  • Price: as already noted but it's worth it if you need the extra battery charge
  • Sound: this isn't a drawback at all, it comes with a waterproof sealing jack mount so you can still connect your headphones

    Who should get one?

Anyone on the move that get's caught short on battery life - click here to order with fast Australian delivery

  • What's the alternative?

Have you tried one?

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